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Targeting injectables for the Hospital Market

Horizon Hospital Healthcare Pty Ltd has the objective of providing niche multi-source/generic sterile injectable products in the under serviced Hospital market at competitive prices.

Our low cost business model targeting small niche products, combined with our dedication to providing high quality manufactured products at highly competitive prices ensures we are able to impact healthcare in the Australian Hospital market.

Horizon Hospital Healthcare has a strong product pipeline which is continuously being expanded through appropriate product and partner selection – with a sharp focus on small/difficult to source niche injectable products.

Flexibility and responsiveness to market needs

Our competitive advantage stems from

  1. the speed with which we can identify-source-register and supply new opportunities into the Australian Hospitals
  2. our relationship with hospital pharmacists ensuring the rapid and appropriate identification of needed niche hospital sterile injectable products,
  3. our distribution partners in Australia ensuring rapid and successful uptake in the Hospital Market
  4. our partnerships with various Europe manufacturers ensuring the highest quality manufacturing at cost competitive prices, and
  5. our low cost business model.